Def Leppard Breaks World Record

On October 23, 1994, Def Leppard broke the world record for concerts in a day. Starting at midnight in Africa, the marathon tour finished late at night halfway across the globe in Canada, with England thrown in for good measure. Always a band reaching new heights, this is the latest of their many outstanding accomplishments.

Why did they do it? To start the promotion of their new Greatest Hits Album and because "we had the day off."

Several people that were present at the Vancouver show passed on their experience to the not so lucky. Read on!

From: jason purnell <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 16:19:50 -700
Subject: def leppard set world record!!!! 

Monday,October 23

   3 Continents, 1 day...
   Tangiers,Africa        London,England      Vancouver,Canada

Well it happened at 15 minutes to 11:00 the boys hit the the stage 
no fan fare,no intro,just five guys walking out to rock their way 
into the guiness book of records.  The venue was the Comadore Ball
room in Vancouver,British Columbia.The audience was 900 lucky 
radio contest winners.The show its self was unbelievable, unplugged 
leppard played a total of 11 songs:4 classics,5 cover tunes,and 
2 new songs(I will send you a song list soon).This show was like no 
other I have seen these guys do,there was no bouncers,no fences 
just a three foot high stage between the fans and the band.  Rick looked 
real comfortable behind his acoustic drum kit not missing a beat.  
The show lasted till just after midnight and just as fast as they 
came on,they walked off stage and into their own page of history.  

                               jason purnell


Date sent:        Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:10:29 -0700
From:             Paul Breland <>
Subject:          DL's show in Vancouver

Well it's 3:48am and I finally got back from the DL concert at the Commodore 
in Vancouver.  And needless to say it was great!  Well worth the 56 hours 
invested in trying to win the tickets! :)  Then it was a several hour wait 
for them to actually start the show because we got there at around 4 to make 
sure we would be at the front row.  They played for about an hour and ten 
minutes and the set list was Armageddon It, Ziggy Stardust, Two Steps 
Behind, From the Inside, Little Wing, All I Want is Everything, Animal, When 
Love and Hate Collide, Where Does Love Go When it Dies, Can't Always Get 
What You Want and Pour Some Sugar On Me.  We were then able to get them out 
for an encore and they played Hysteria and Bang a Gong.  13 songs 
altogether!  Unfortunately, despite it being an acoustic show, PSSOM 
triggered the start of a mosh pit.  It was interesting to hear a couple 
songs from Slang...  All I Want is Everything sounded great, but Where Does 
Love... wasn't quite so catchy.  I think we have much to look forward to on 
Slang though!  The guys all looked rather tired, which wasn't surprising, 
but they played well.  I was very impressed with Rick Allen... he was using 
a completely acoustic set with no help from pedals or anything else!  He was 
great!  Another good thing about the drumming was that I got a drumstick 
after the show! :)

And once the show was over, we were able to get backstage and meet the Leps!  
I was able to get my brand new copy of WLAHC autographed by all 5 of them.  
It was very interesting to chat with them for a bit!  We also ran into Sav 
again at the hotel... too bad the bar was closed there... we may have been 
able to have a drink with him or something....

And in the end LepNet had pretty good representation at the show.  Toon, 
DefJen, Cookie, Bel, Ryan and I were able to get tickets....  So I'm sure 
more commentary on the concert will follow! :)  I'll leave it to the ladies 
to update you all on their hair! :)  I'll also post more on the show later, 
but right now I need to get some sleep real bad and it's back to work and 
back to reality tomorrow....  Let me know if you have any questions....

Good night!

Paul ..\. ______/

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