Def Leppard Told To Turn Down The Sound In Oregon, Offers Refunds

Def Leppard–after learning upon its arrival at the L.B. Day Amphitheater in Salem, Ore., that a county ordinance wouldn't allow the band to play at its normal volume–offered refunds to a sold-out crowd of 8,000 before playing a note on Saturday (9/2). About 700 fans took the group up on its offer, according to Malvin Mortimer, Def Leppard's tour manager.

Singer Joe Elliott explained the situation in a posting on Def Leppard's official website. "We turned up for soundcheck as usual, to what is a fine venue. Great facilities, cool staff, the works. As we ran through 'Promises,' we were informed that we were over the sound limit. This was one of those gigs where the 'Sound Police' were there to enforce a most ludicrous rule. It appears that after an MC Hammer gig a few years ago, a law was passed limiting the volume of any artist playing this particular venue.

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