Post Hysteria Tour review added

Note: This is an old article from 1987 that I recently acquired and decided to post.

Since the release of Hysteria in August of '87, Def Leppard has done nothing but roar. By February of '89, the LP made the record books when it passed the 10-million mark, sliding by Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet to become the biggest-selling hard-rock LP of all time.

The last time we caught up to Def Leppard head howler, Joe Elliott, he was so exhausted from touring that he was joking about an early retirement, of being "sent to the glue factory." Poor guy! Even if you're not a Def Lep fan, you've got to appreciate the work they put into staying in the public eye, including endless tours. (The Hysteria tour lasted 18 months.)

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