Def Leppard and Bryan Adams in Mesa, AZ

Stalwart '80s rockers Def Leppard (tickets | bio)–in the Phoenix area Tuesday (6/7) to perform during the Rock 'n' Roll Doubleheader tour with co-headliner Bryan Adams –balked while attempting to pitch 25 years worth of hits.

Lead singer Joe Elliott, who appeared to be ill, lacked the enthusiasm of tours past. The leather-pants-wearing frontman sounded hoarse, relying on vocal help from his bandmates on songs such as "Photograph" and the ballad "Love Bites." He enlisted the crowd at Mesa's Hohokam Park to sing the chorus to "Animal," and the thirtysomething audience happily complied.

Def Leppard opened the show with "Action" before long, black curtains parted to reveal a screen that interspersed live clips of the band with video images.

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