Def Leppard rocks Lancaster

Writers are supposed to avoid cliches like the plague. But when thinking about Def Leppard and their show last Saturday night at Lancaster's Clipper Magazine Stadium, one keeps coming to mind: the rockers really are like a fine wine that gets better with age. There, I said it.

But it's true. Saturday night being the sixth time I've seen the band since 1992, I've come to realize just how much more I enjoy their performance each time.

The group is probably a tighter playing unit than ever before. Joe Elliott's voice, while a bit more gravely these days – all that smoking must be taking its toll – hits every note, even the high ones, without issue. Vivian Campbell – still the "new guy" after 13 years – continues to gel with his band mates, particularly fellow guitarist Phil Collen. Together, they unleashed a blistering guitar attack on the Lancaster audience.

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