Def Leppard Rock For The Soccer Moms

"What is this, a Tom Jones concert?" Joe Elliott quipped late in Def Leppard's set as someone tossed a pair of fuchsia panties onstage. It was a strangely quaint reaction for a fivesome who, back in their globetrottin', arena-fillin', ozone-depletin' heyday as England's #1 hairspray band, ranked just behind Bon Jovi and Poison on the pop-metal groupie's must-do list. Time may have slowed the almost 30-year-old band's collective mojo a touch, but the army of tarted-up moms in attendance remained unfazed. They met Elliott's every grin and wink with the same lusty roar their daughters do for Usher.

For a gang of rock dudes on the wrong side of 45, the Lep lads appeared pretty well preserved: bassist Rick Savage and guitarists Viv Campbell and Phil Collen – who opted to go shirtless a mere three songs in – were all trim, while Rick Allen's enthusiastic drumming kept the show humming along at a brisk clip. Out of the lot, middle age seemed to have hit Elliott the hardest. The barrel-chested frontman put up a brave fight reaching for those high notes in "Love Bites" and "Women," but his armor-piercing wail seemed to have lost half an octave. In the end, it hardly mattered: the crowd were so loud and juiced, few noticed.

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