Def Leppard rocks Saddledome

Metal for moms. That's been Def Leppard's stock-in-trade for a long time now, and that's exactly what the British rock band delivered Wednesday, in front of a sold-out house at Pengrowth Saddledome.

Honey-sweet harmonies and singalong pop anthems, set to polished hard-rock grooves. Def Leppard put that formula into motion from the start on the 'Dome stage, opening with the friendly fist-pumper Action, followed by the mindless fun of Let's Get Rocked, and the big-rock drone of Women, the band's ode to, you guessed it, women.

Singer and '80s heartthrob Joe Elliott, now 46, is looking a bit pudgy, though that face is still pretty enough. His voice was somewhat disappointing, however, sounding rather thin and strained when compared with what you'll hear on the records. That was especially apparent during the Lep's otherwise strong versions of Foolin' and Love Bites.

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