Brave Words with Joe Elliott

The Rock Of Ages DVD (coming out Nov 15th). What's it like looking back on all your videos?

Is it hard to watch them?

It's not hard, but once you've done a video it's out there for other people. So, you let it go and it represents a certain time period. Some videos hold their own better than others and fashion dictates that they sometimes go out of fashion and then come back into fashion. A while ago, I thought 'Rock Of Ages' looked ridiculous and yet last year it didn't look so bad. Some of the more bland videos that we've done just look timeless.

Except the British version of 'Sugar'…

Yeah, well – that doesn't even count. That was just stupid, but the live stuff works. Even the live High 'N Dry 'Let It Go' and 'Bringing On The Heartbreak' they are what we were and it's great.

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