Newsfeed now available

With the site upgrade, the Def Leppard Archive now has an RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, news feed.

An RSS feed is a way for a site to provide quick updates to a large audience without having to to constantly visit the web page. A typical feed includes a short blurb about the new update, plus a link that opens the full web page in your web browser. You can find more information about RSS feeds from

To start using an RSS feed, you first need an RSS News Reader. Some popular ones can be found at Blogspace. If you use the browser Mozilla Firefox or the email program Mozilla Thunderbird, they each come with a built in news readers and you don't have to download any other programs (and they're both free!).

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you should see the Feed icon Livemark icon in the browser's Location bar. Click on the icon and select "Subscribe to…" This will automatically load the feed into your Bookmarks for easy browsing. With Mozilla Thunderbird, if you haven't already, create a new account of the type "News & Blogs" and then add a new feed with the address (URL) shown below.

If you're using another program, you will probably need to directly enter the feed address into your program. Simply copy and paste the following address (URL) into your program and you should be all set