Def Leppard Gets Busy On 'Menacing' New Album

Veteran British rock outfit Def Leppard will begin recording its next studio album in January at frontman Joe Elliott's house in Dublin. Basic ideas were hashed out on the road during the band's extensive tour in support of this year's covers album "Yeah!," a first for Def Leppard.

"We've got about five or six songs on the go, and there'll be 11 or 12 on the final version," guitarist Phil Collen tells "We're trying to get it out for next summer, which for us would be amazing. But we've never been this far along. We come off tour, wait six months, then we start writing. We've already got that sorted out.

Collen says the songs thus far have "absolutely" been influenced by the process of making "Yeah!," which featured Def Leppard's spin on songs popularized by Thin Lizzy, the Faces and Mott The Hoople. "We did that so quick," he says. "It was raw, and it didn't demand we sit around for months or years. That really inspired us."

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