Wherever Def Leppard appears, Hysteria follows

When you're in Def Leppard and you've been playing festival concerts for 30 years, you notice some changes.

"I played the Reading Festival in England with my old band, Girl, in 1980," Def Lep guitarist Phil Collen said by phone during a break from rehearsal in Nashville, Tenn. "Back then, everyone had these Party Seven cans of beer in the crowd, and people would empty them out and fill them with (pee), then throw them at the stage no matter who was up there. It was horrible, really."

Def Leppard can expect a far more courteous welcome Tuesday at the Comcast Center, where the British band performs with current tour mates Poison and Cheap Trick.

In his cheerfully erudite London accent, Collen, 52, noted that life on the road today is not quite so rowdy for those veteran rockers who survived the '80s and '90s.

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