'80s band package tour provides three times the power pop sleaze

Sugar poured? Check. Roses inspected for thorns? Yup. Flame produced? Oh, yeah.

Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick made for a mostly hot, sticky sweet triple bill last night at the Comcast Center.

It wasn't exactly a hat trick – we'll get to Poison in a minute – but it was one of this summer's smarter package tours. The three bands – all pop at their cores, with varying degrees of power chords applied – took the all killer, no filler approach. They hit the stage, knocked out the hits, and quit while they were ahead.

While it can be difficult to watch the mighty Cheap Trick doing a 40-minute opening set while the sun is still out, the Chicago power pop pioneers certainly exhibited more oomph than they have in recent years.

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