Def Leppard, Taylor Swift jam

Who would have thought 32 years ago when British heavy metal band Def Leppard formed in Sheffield, England, that they would end up performing on a country music awards show in Nashville?

But there they were last month on the CMT awards performing their hit, Pour Some Sugar On Me, with teenaged country music star Taylor Swift alongside them. The two acts had been nominated together for their collaborative work on the CMT Crossroads series.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell said he's sure some people in the audience were scratching their heads.

"It was a little bizarre but the industry is changing so much," said the affable musician down the line recently from Nashville, the day after their CMT performance.

"Country music is heading more mainstream and other genres are collaborating and getting involved. It's kind of surreal in a way. It's a little strange. The music industry is a continually moving target. It used to be a fixed target and now it's just whatever goes. And Taylor Swift, for example, has nothing to do with country music. She's definitely pop. If you took away the violin and the banjo that she employs, in my opinion, there's nothing country about it."

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