Def Leppard may flirt with country, but it's still pouring on the rock

You might expect a member of Def Leppard – a rock band that topped the charts back in the 1980s – to have a hard time saying goodbye to the old methods of selling music.

But not Vivian Campbell, 46-year-old guitarist for the English band whose hits include high-decibel favorites such as "Photograph," "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Love Bites."

Campbell is welcoming the brave new world of digital downloads and format freedom with open arms.

"My personal feeling … is that the album is dead," said Campbell, whose band plays Saturday at Virginia Beach Amphitheater. "As a physical format, it's dead, but also as a concept of a group of songs. I really kind of see it as being an archaic format. I really believe we're back to a point where it's all about the song."

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