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This page and all other pages on this archive are entirely fan based for non-commercial purposes. All information presented here is factual to the best of my knowledge. Its inclusion does not guarantee either its correctness nor does it necessarily represent the views of the parties involved. All material contained in this archive is the property of either myself, Def Leppard, its respective author(s), and/or its copyright owner(s). Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Furthermore, I do not represent Def Leppard, its management, or any other parties listed here, nor have I ever pretended to. Please direct any questions or comments regarding this policy to Hanspeter Niederstrasser

This page began sometime in October 1994. At that time it was just a way for myself to keep up with information that was being put on the Web and the internet. As I became more comfortable with it, it began to expand and got more comprehensive. The page then underwent some remodeling as I decided to upgrade into a better format, and it had stayed basically unchanged for the past 5 months.

This version through which you are browsing, began on April 2, 1995. At that time I had received over 50 suggestions on how to improve the information being presented. A common complaint was the slowness in loading, as the page got to be somewhat long. As a result, it is now modular, with information and links placed on separate pages. Now it is easier to access the different sections with the easy to use menu on the main page.

Sometime around 1998 I began tinkering with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which eliminate irregularities in formatting and make maintenance much easier. Less images are needed for fancy stuff and access to the information, my primary priority, has improved significantly.

Beginning February 2001, I have started a transition towards XHTML. This is a new standard set up by the W3 Consortium that should make it easier to migrate towards full fledged XML and other markup languages that arise.

In 2005, I moved to a permanent hosting service that provides a dedicated address for the Def Leppard Atomic Mess. With any luck, I won't have to move the site address ever again!

This site recently received its 1,500,000th request! Thank you to all that have visited and have made it the success it is. People have visited from over sixty nations worldwide.

To all those that have contributed to this site, I thank you!


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