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Note: This list is not all inclusive. If you want a site to be added, contact me.

Def -
The band's official website

The Def Leppard FAQ -

The Def Leppard Atomic Mess -
This web site. The oldest existing Def Leppard web site

The Def Leppard Archive -

The Def Leppard Satellite of Love -

Becky's Def Leppard Spot -

Batcave For Def Leppard -
Very large discography and chart history

Leppard Relics -

Pyro's Def Leppard Page -

Def Leppard JAGF Homepage -

The Def Leppard Hall of Fame -

Hysteria Tribute Band -

Pyromania Tribute Band -

UBL -,,421802,00.html

Defunct Def Leppard Pages

Yutaka's Def Leppard Home Page -

Leppard Tracks -

LepWorld -
Tribute to Steve Clark, plus some pictures and sounds

The Vault -

Klodomir's Def Leppard Web Site -

Def Leppard "Hysteria" -

The Inessential Def Leppard Page -
Archive of articles and parodies

The HIGH'n'DRY Lep Site -

Def Leppard Action -

A Def Collection -
Cover shots of virtually every album (authorized or not) released

Def Leppard Electronic Hysteria -

The Def Leppard Single Center -

Deb Leppard's Tribute to Def Leppard -


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