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 TabBass TabChordPowerTabGuitarPro
On Through The Night
Rock Brigade 1        
Hello America 1        
Sorrow Is A Woman          
It Could Be You          
When The Walls Came Tumbling Down          
Wasted 1, Intro 1      
Rocks Off          
It Don't Matter 1        
Answer To The Master          
High 'N' Dry
Let It Go 1, 2, Solo     PowerTab logo GuitarPro3 logo Solo
Another Hit And Run 1        
High 'N' Dry 1, Solo 1     GuitarPro3 logo, GuitarPro3 logo Solo
Bringin' On The Heartbreak 1, 2, 3, Acoustic 1, 2   PowerTab logo GuitarPro3 logo, GuitarPro4 logo
Switch 625 1, 2 1   PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
You Got Me Runnin'          
Lady Strange       PowerTab logo  
On Through The Night          
Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)          
No No NO 1        
Me and My Wine 1        
Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)     1 PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
Photograph 1, 2, 3 1   PowerTab logo GuitarPro3 logo
Stagefright         GuitarPro4 logo
Too Late For Love 1 1   PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
Die Hard The Hunter Intro 1, Intro 2       GuitarPro4 logo
Foolin' 1, 2 1     GuitarPro4 logo
Rock Of Ages 1, 2       GuitarPro4 logo
Comin' Under Fire 1     PowerTab logo  
Action! Not Words         GuitarPro4 logo
Billy's Got A Gun         GuitarPro4 logo
Women 1 1     GuitarPro4 logo 1, GuitarPro4 logo 2, GuitarPro4 logo 3
Rocket   1     GuitarPro4 logo
Animal 1 1     GuitarPro4 logo 1, GuitarPro4 logo 2
Love Bites 1 1     GuitarPro3 logo, GuitarPro4 logo 1, GuitarPro4 logo 2, GuitarPro4 logo 3
Pour Some Sugar On Me 1 1, 2 1 PowerTab logo GuitarPro3 logo, GuitarPro4 logo
Armageddon It 1, Acoustic, Solo 1 1   GuitarPro4 logo
Gods Of War 1 1   PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
Don't Shoot Shotgun 1       GuitarPro4 logo
Run Riot 1       GuitarPro4 logo
Hysteria 1 1, 2 1   GuitarPro3 logo, GuitarPro4 logo 1, GuitarPro4 logo 2
Love And Affection 1       GuitarPro4 logo
Let's Get Rocked 1     PowerTab logo  
Heaven Is       PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
Make Love Like A Man          
Tonight 1, Solo 1, 2, Solo   PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
White Lightning          
Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)   1, 2 1    
Personal Property 1        
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad 1 1 1   GuitarPro4 logo
I Wanna Touch U       PowerTab logo GuitarPro4 logo
Tear It Down 1, 2       GuitarPro4 logo
Desert Song 1        
Fractured Love          
Action   1      
Two Steps Behind 1, 2, Intro 1 1 PowerTab logo Acoustic 1, PowerTab logo Acoustic 2 GuitarPro3 logo Acoustic
She's Too Tough 1        
Miss You In A Heartbeat     1, 2    
Only After Dark          
Ride Into The Sun 1   1    
From The Inside     1    
Ring Of Fire 1, 2       GuitarPro3 logo
I Wanna Be Your Hero          
When Love & Hate Collide 1 1 1   GuitarPro3 logo
Can't Keep Away From The Flame 1        
Turn To Dust          
All I Want Is Everything 1, 2   1    
Work It Out          
Breathe A Sigh 1        
Deliver Me 1        
Gift Of Flesh     1    
Blood Runs Cold          
Where Does Love Go When It Dies     1    
Pearl Of Euphoria 1, 2        
Demolition Man     1    
Promises 1, 2, Intro, Solo 1, Solo 2     PowerTab logo GuitarPro3 logo
Back In Your Face     1    
Goodbye 1   1    
All Night          
Paper Sun          
It's Only Love          
21st Century Sha La La La Girl          
To Be Alive          
Day After Day          
Kings Of Oblivion          
Now 1, 2 1 1    
Unbelieveable 1        
You're So Beautiful     1    
Everyday 1        
Long Long Way To Go 1   1, 2    
Four Letter Word 1        
Torn To Shreds 1        
Love Don't Lie          
Cry 1        
Girl Like You          
Let Me Be The One          
Best Of
Waterloo Sunset          
Rock Of Ages
No Matter What 1        
Other songs
Heat Street 1        
Rebel Rebel 1        
SMC 1, 2        
Ziggy Stardust   1      

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